Atharva attends Rampart High School, where he is currently a junior. Born and raised in Colorado Springs, he has forged a special connection with this city and has interests in hiking and skiing. Atharva is also very interested in the cultures that surround him and has picked up Indian music and instrumentation, as well as the piano and guitar.

Aside from his interests in music, he is a driven individual in athletics, his school and community. With participation in varsity tennis, student council, community service, various academic clubs and having won two state chess championships, Atharva is a very involved leader. He is a very hardworking student who has consistently been recognized for academic achievement in all subjects. His love for math and science have driven him to seek advanced classes, and an education in biology, chemistry, and eventually working in the medical field as an immunologist.

Atharva’s portfolio of exceptional leadership, motivation, and perseverance make him a complete individual, and one that hopes to make the world a better place.


Atharva Vispute