for YCA class of 2019-2020


Where will you be in five years ?

As a high school student, the future may feel uncertain, filled with endless changes and no clear path to success. Research shows that people who find their calling early in life and are part of a group with like-minded people enjoy great success in life. As your high school journey comes to an end, what will you have done beyond your academic performance to distinguish yourself from your peers? YCA has guided high school students over the years to answer some of these questions. See how!

What is YCA?

A youth leadership initiative to guide high schools students to become an ambassador of the Olympic movement through a one of a kind personal development journey!

Why should I join YCA?

By the end of the program, YCA participants have gained a competitive edge over their peers as they have mastered real life ambassadorial skills such as: creative confidence, global perspective, critical thinking, team building, public speaking and more, making them prime candidate for colleges and universities!

What will you do in YCA?

When accepted into the YCA program you will:

  • Experience a one of a kind leadership curriculum,

  • Participate in US Olympic museum events,

  • Access exclusive locations and Olympic properties,

  • Meet city officials, Olympic Athletes and more,

  • Expand your network,

  • Possibly travel internationally

Experiencing personal growth at every stage of the program will be your bread and butter, plus universities love YCA alumni!

Sound good to you?

OK, here's our description of the ideal YCA candidate.

A person who wants to see the world and discover their story. Loves to travel. No prior Olympic knowledge is required. You do not need to be an elite academic student or athlete. Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert you embrace new ideas. You're also passionate about learning new things and sharing with others your story. Do you think you can be the next great ambassador?

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Partnership Announcement

YCA will be joining forces with the US Olympic & Paralympic museum

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