Are you ready to step into tomorrow?

When your high school journey comes to an end, are you prepared to succeed into your future? Outside of your academic work, will you have gained the life experiences and practical understanding to confidently step into tomorrow?

YCA prepares high school students to lead the future.

As a youth leadership initiative designed to shape students with Olympic and Paralympic values, YCA molds you into an ambassador of the Olympic and Paralympic movement through an extraordinary personal development experience.

How do you start?

Your first step is to request an invitation into the Essay Competition using the form right here.


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Why should you join YCA?

YCA participants gain an exceptional experience for their future as they master real life ambassadorial skills.  Growth in critical skills like creative confidence, global perspective, critical thinking, team building, and public speaking makes YCA Ambassadors prime candidates for colleges and universities and leaders in the future.


YCA sets the trajectory for a life of Leadership

  • Experience a one-of-a-kind leadership curriculum

  • Participate in US Olympic & Paralympic museum events

  • Access exclusive locations and Olympic properties

  • Meet city officials, Olympic Athletes and other extraordinary leaders

  • Expand your network of wonderful people

  • Travel internationally


Are you a YCA candidate?

Do you want to see the world and discover your story?  Do you love to travel? Are you excited about learning, about sharing your story, and about leading the future?  You don’t need prior Olympic knowledge, nor do you have to be an elite academic or athlete. If you are curious, engaged, and passionate, you are just right.  Do you think you can be the next great ambassador? Request an invitation and start your future now.


Partnership Announcement

YCA will be joining forces with the US Olympic & Paralympic museum for an incredible future.