Requirements for Graduation

1. Complete the YCA leadership series, Journey to Excellence | Worth 35% of final score 
2. Attend all YCA events | Worth 35% of final score 
3. Peer evaluation | Worth 20% of final score 
4. Outreach task (Recruit five students to YCA essay for next year's YCA class) | Worth 25% of final score

About | YCA online leadership series, Journey to Excellence  
YCA has crafted a series of information points, questions and reflection moments that will ultimately guide you to master the necessary ambassadorial skills.

About | YCA events
Throughout the YCA program, you will attend events that aim to enhance your social skills and offer deeper dives into the pathways from the the YCA leadership series. YCA events are typically two hour events about one to two a month during the duration of the program.

About | YCA recruitment task
As a YCA, you will need to share your story and the story of the Olympics with many people. 

About | YCA peer evaluation
Through out the YCA program, you will meet other leaders and interact with them. At the end of the program, you will be asked to evaluate your peers based on a specific set of skills, so get to know your fellow ambassadors!


 All YCA’s who complete the above tasks will be considered to be a YCA finalist and candidate to participate in the YCA international origin trip!