1. Each YCA class begins every year on June 1st. High School students who would like to join the program are invited to submit a short online essay to our website. The online essay period concludes on Oct 1st. Shortly after each school selects their YCA - that will take part to YCA’s leadership series.

  2. The YCA leadership series take place via 10 events and online course series that take place between November and June.

  3. The YCA program concludes with an international trip to birthplace of the Olympic Games in Greece.


1. On-line essay invitation

From June 1st to Oct 1st all high school students have the opportunity to submit a short essay about what they would say to the world about Olympic City USA. Nominees from each school are selected to attend YCA’s leadership program .


Ten leadership events and ten online development courses take place from December to June each year help YCA’s discover all about the Olympic City USA, build lasting friendships and learn how to develop leadership and entrepreneurial skills.

3. International Trip

The YCA program culminates with an international trip to the birthplace of the Olympic Games in Greece. This group trip is tailored for YCA’s and their families to visit the cradle of western civilization and learn all about the Origins of YCA.