YCA Program Details


Stage a. Essay INVITATION

  • May 1st through Oct 15th every year.

  • Students from 9th, 10th and 11th grades register and compete in an online essay contest. *Word limit 150 words.

  • Essay Subject: What would you say to the world about Olympic City USA?

  • Finalists from each school are selected to participate in Phase B of YCA.


sTAGE B. Leadership Program

  • November to June every year.

  • 10 plus sessions - One-of-a-kind personal growth series, Journey to Excellence.

  • Interactive online leadership platform.

  • Themes: Critical thinking, Entrepreneurship, Public Speaking, Team Building, Community Engagement, Event Marketing,


sTAGE c. International Trip - origin

  • YCA’s who participate in the leadership program and online entrepreneurship platform are eligible to join us on our summer international trip to the birthplace of the Olympic Games in Greece.


For Educators

hOW TO support the YCA program:

  • Along with the YCA Team, promote the program within their school (YCA website, fliers, etc.)

  • Become evaluators for the online essay competition portion of the program

  • Become a mentor

  • Host an event

Educators who want to become a YCA evaluator will complete the following:

  • Apply on the YCA website to become an evaluator

  • Upon confirmation, work with their school YCA Point of Contact to evaluate student essays

  • Help select their school’s YCA representative

Why YCA for your students:

  • Awareness on the legacy and history of the Olympic Movement

  • Engagement with the NEW US Olympic and Paralympic Museum

  • Involvement with service, civic, arts, and sports organizations in our community

  • Opportunity to represent the city of Colorado Springs at international events

How YCA supports you and your students

YCA team responsibilities during Phase A

  • Market the essay competition to school districts, high schools.

  • Manage and maintain the YCA website and the online essay competition

YCA team responsibilities during Phase B

  • Communicate with YCA finalists and their parents/guardians

  • Oversee its key partners’ involvement with YCA finalists

  • Organize YCA recognition banquet

  • Plan and execute final selection process to determine the YCA finalists for Phase C

YCA team responsibilities during Phase C

  • Communicate with YCA finalists and their families

  • Organize all details for the trips