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For the learner who wants to experience YCA but not takes part in the YCA International Trip. 

✓ Digital YCA Campus™

✓ Insights™ Profile

✓ Online Courses™

✓ Team Project - YCA Capstone™

✓ Postcards™ & YCA Partner

✓ Notebook™

✓ Certificate™
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For students looking for a best-in-class YCA experience and eliminate all barriers of having to attend live events.

✓ All Elements of Launch

✓ International YCA Trip™
✓ Invitation to YCA Live Events

✓ YCA travel kit™

✓ Broadmoor YCA Retreat

✓ Custom YCA Apparel™

✓ Museum membership

✓ Olympic Torch Invitation

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Everything you need to step into the future and manage the complexity that comes with growth.

✓ All elements of Launch and Plus

✓ Invitation to Select Live Events

✓ YCA travel kit™

✓ Olympic City USA Retreat

✓ Custom YCA Apparel™

✓ Museum Membership

✓ Olympic Torch Invitation
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College | Career Profile Program


✓ Your YCA URL

✓ VIP Mentorship

✓ Scholarship Writing  

✓ Personal Branding









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Alumni Travel Package


✓ 10 days in Greece 

✓ Full Room & Board

✓ Local Transportation

✓ YCA Travel apparel

✓ YCA Travel Kit

✓Alumni Programming 

✓ YCA Affiliate Account

✓ Your YCA URL

✓ Advanced Certificate

✓ Get trained to lead future YCA trips & get paid for it

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✓ Five Days

✓ 9 am to 4 pm

✓ Lunch each day

✓ Olympic Museum Tour

✓ VIP Training Center Tour

✓ Meet with City officials

✓ YCA Polo

✓ Summer packet

✓ Certificate


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✓ Educators Manual

✓ Student workbook

✓ Student Postcards

✓ YCA Affiliate Account

✓ 1/hr zoom onboarding





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Group Plans

Provide YCA experience to your entire team and help them step into their future while we take care of all the details.

✓ Custom Planning

✓ Tailored Features

✓ Fulfillment Services


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