I gained the encouragement of exploring this great city and becoming an active teen liaison
— Angelique Weston, YCA class of 2019 -
YCA really increased my confidence, gave me a leadership opportunity and improved my public speaking skills.
— Elizabeth Worsham, YCA class of 2017
I discovered that despite the fact that I am young, my voice is still heard and my opinion matters.
— Daizha Brown, YCA Class of 2017
YCA allowed me to see my Colorado Springs in a whole new light .
— Abram Abeyta, YCA Class of 2017
I was introduced to the innovative advancements that the city is making.
— Valarie Lucero, YCA Class of 2017
I learned the potential that Olympic City USA has.
— -Maggie Cook, YCA class of 2017
YCA taught me lessons and gave me memories that will be with me for the rest of my life.
— Ria Paradkar, YCA Class of 2017